Celebrity Teeth – Natural & Whitened

Celebrity Teeth – Here’s How They Keep There Teeth White

Below you will see 10 celebrities that have the typical celebrity teeth. You will also see 5 more natural celebrities – and some celebrity teeth before and after.

Buckle Up For Some Celebrity Teeth Before And After…

This list is meant for fun and inspiration, be sure to share it with friends and family, to get that take on this how teeth saga.

(1) – Julia Roberts

julia roberts

Famous for here great acting performances especially Pretty Woman, but she alls has some very nice looking teeth. Julia gives all the credit for her pearly whites to her grand father.

She use the all so common home remedy i.e. Baking Soda, she says that her grand father only had one cavity in his whole life”.

(2) – Tulisa


Tulisa’s celebrity teeth… what for it, if you want teeth like these they will set you back a whopping! £12,000 ($20,000)

(3) – Tom Cruise

tom cruise

Tom being the hunk that most people think he is – it is hard to imagine any imperfections – but his looks have been aided by a number of things, his teeth included. But did you know that he has had a full make over – of his teeth?

Check his celebrity teeth before and after – and feel normal again -).

(4) – David Beckham

david beckham

David Beckham who’s currently known for his good looks more than his football (soccer), didn’t always have the pearly whites he’s sporting today.

(5) – Celine Dion

celine dion

Celine’s teeth back in the 80s, were not the prettiest site, with such a powerful voice who would ever have guessed it?

(6) – Nicolas Cage

nicolas cage

Nicolas’s teeth in the ‘90s, were truly adventurous, these days though he has cleaned up his act, and is sparkling.

(7) – Chris Brown

chris brown

Check out these celebrity teeth, Chris Brown has some strong looking teeth. They are very white. Should also note that he is a very good looking guy, which definitely helps the teeth stand out as well.

(8) – Beyonce


Yet some more celebrity teeth sporting some grills. These are little scary if you ask me? But some of you might like dracula.

(9) – George Clooney

george clooney

A crowd pleaser for many fans, but his teeth were not always the same way. I think he made a good decision by whitening his chompers.

(10) – Morgan Freeman

morgan freeman

Morgan has always had peculiar yellowish teeth, but he has since cleaning them up…a job well done!

More Natural Celebrity Teeth

Having teeth whitened or modified definitely has a positive effect on how a person looks, but what about keeping your teeth natural? Here are 5 celebrities that are all ‘naturale’.

(1) Anna Paquin

anna paquin

Anna is an actress that is famous for sucking peoples blood, but what about her teeth? Well Ann refuses to close up the big gap in her teeth and is adamant about keeping them natural.

(2) – Madonna


Madonna has a gap in here teeth, which she’s not closing and she also refuses to insanely to whiten her teeth.

(3) – Woody Harrelson

woody h

The ever popular Woody has a gap in his teeth that he wont close up. Not that he has too, but for a Hollywood A Lister the pressure must have certainly been on him?

(4) – Seal


Seal the UK singer has a great voice, but he also refuses to close up the gap in his teeth.

(5) – Steve Buscemi

steve b

Buscemi’s has some of the most distinctive teeth that are probably not for everyone. He now even sees them as an asset, we can only commend him for staying natural.

You will find plenty more celebrity teeth online. Many have had some type of treatment on their teeth to get the pearly whites that they desire. There are also many celebs that have made teeth alterations to achieve the smile and look that they want.

There are certainly benefits to get your teeth whitened or altered. The great thing, though is that it is not always necessary to undergo treatment, if you are happy with what your teeth look like you can take a stand!

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