How Much Does Teeth Whitening Cost – Average Price Guide

How Much does Teeth Whitening Cost – A List of the Average Pricing

Let’s start with the most expensive and work our way down:

(1) – The Price of Professional Whitening

As the name suggests processional whitening is never going to be cheap.

What you can expect to pay for professional whitening:

APPROX: $650

Although professional whitening of teeth is expensive, it will last up to a year and it can even last several years, according to Emanuel Layliev, D.D.S, who is the director of the New York Center for cosmetic dentistry.

(2) – At Home Whitening Trays Subscribed By a Dentist

This option is for those that want a method of whitening teeth that is a bit more affordable

APPROX: $400

So, how does this method work?

Basically a dentist will take a mold of your whole mouth. You will then be given a custom fitting tray that you can use at home.

When your at home all you have to is squeeze some teeth whitening gel into the trays and wear them for the allotted time.

This is usually one to two weeks, a few hours each day and night.

This method of whitening is as powerful as more expensive teeth bleaching methods, it just takes longer.

(3) – Over-the Counter Whitening and Whitening Strip products.

This is one of the most cost effective methods, if you are really on a budget, or just want to touch up your teeth.

The price for whitening strips and at home trays:

APPROX: $17-200

There are different types of over the counter kits, which may include light systems, which are designed to be a more affordable in office treatment replica.

At home products vary in use, some are used overnight and some daily.

Over-the-Counter Teeth Whitening Trays

APPROX: $30-50

When you by trays over the counter, this a less personalized method than getting molds done professionally.

Trays over the counter are designed as a one size fits all alternative.

(4) – Teeth whitening toothpaste

For a quick method of whitening your teeth, toothpaste is by far the most convenient method.

APPROX: $3-20 dollars


For the best results and whiter teeth it is best to go with the professionals. The results are more immediate and will last far longer. You can expect to pay anywhere from $300 – $700, the price tag is pretty expensive, but these treatments can last a year or two.

The alternative to pro whitening are at home methods including home-made solutions. When buying at home kits, they can be as cheap as $20 for basing whitening strips. If you want at home kits that are more effective, light systems are highly recommended, this can cost as much as $200 at the high end of the scale.

Keep in mind that with light bleaching systems, they are likely only to last 3 months or so, so they are not as good as the professional methods.

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