Neem Toothpaste – The Top 5 Neem Toothpastes

If you haven’t heard of Neem toothpaste, you will be happy to have landed on this page. If you already know of Neem toothpaste you can skip to the top 5 consumer toothpastes below:

What Is Neem?

It has the scientific name Azadirachta indica. It comes from a tree very commonly found in India. It is generally produced in oil form which can come in varying colors when pressed from the tree.

Some of the colors of Neem oil are as follows: golden yellow, yellowish brown, reddish brown, dark brown, greenish brown, or bright red.

Neem is used for a number of medicinal purposes, but here we will concentrate on toothpaste.

Here are the common uses of the Neem tree in india

Neem twigs are used for chewing as they are known to eradicate gum disease and promote healthy teeth.

This use goes on in the villages of India – where it’s important to note that the oral health is better than in the developed world.

The scientific health benefits of Neem are as follows:

  • It prevents and can heal gum disease.
  • It can get rid of cavaities, by eliminating bacteria responsible for cavities and inflammation of the gums.
  • It can get rid of cavaities, by eliminating bacteria responsible for cavities and inflammation of the gums.
  • Prevents bacteria sticking to the teeth which in-turn reduces plaque.
  • Improves overall mouth health increasing its immunity and giving you fresher breath also.

Side Effects of Neem

In contrast to fluoride which is known to have a number of scientific side effects Neem has no side effects – this is what makes Neem toothpaste a great alternative to the problematic fluoride toothpastes commonly used.

1)- Desert Essence – Tea Tree Oil & Neem Toothpaste/Wintergreen

Our Rating: 4.5 Stars (4.5 / 5)

Desert Essence – Tea Tree Oil & Neem Toothpaste WintergreenSome of the the main features of Wintergreen Neem toothpaste are that it’s ingredients make it 100% vegan. It makes use of Baking Soda and essential oils and is also SLS and Gluten free.

From indias ‘toothbrush tree’, this products ayurvedic extract neem is an effective ingredient for providing postive dental benefits.

The ingredients consist of baking soda.Natural anti-septic i.e. eco harvest tea tree oil. It has a fresh taste which is produced by the pure essential oils of wintergreen. It is also free of fluoride and gluten.

2)- Neem Active Toothpaste

Our Rating: 4 Stars (4 / 5)

Neem Active ToothpasteAyurvedic practitioners place Neem at the top of the scale when it comes to choosing a natural ingredient that can maintain healthy gums and teeth.

Neems benefits are seen even for those with the most sensitive mouths, leaving them feeling healthy and refreshed.

In the place that Neem trees are popularly found the trees are known as ‘Toothbrush Tree’ and ‘Village Pharmacy’.

Neem Active Toothpaste is a great alternative to chewing twigs which is common where Neem trees are found.

Neem Active Toothpaste is the solution for those looking for a natural gum and teeth care solution. It is filled with botonical extracts which all have been chosen because of their oral health promoting qualities.

You can also expect to smell the effects as these ingredients also eliminate bad breath.

3)- Theraneem Toothpaste With Mint

Our Rating: 3.5 Stars (3.5 / 5)

Theraneem Toothpaste With MintTheraneem’s main goal is to alleviate gum disease by supporting the health of teeth and gums.

The use of neem is its great ingredient for even the most sensitive mouth. It will leave the users mouth clean healthy and fresh. You can expect all the popular oral promoting qualities from this toothpaste

4)- Himalaya Dental Cream Toothpaste

Our Rating: 3.5 Stars (3.5 / 5)

Himalaya Dental Cream ToothpasteHimalaya Herbals fights germs that are the main cause of caries with its antibacterial and antioxidant  qualities.

The use of this toothpaste promotes the prevention of toothaches, bad breath and plaque build up in the mouth.

Other benefits include prevention of bleeding gum. It reduces swelling of gums and heals gum boils and sores.

Himalaya Herbal is an all natural toothpaste formulated especially for dental hygiene.

Some of the leaved trees it uses as ingredients are are powerful anti inflammatory agents and also promote pain relief. These ingredients include Bishop’s Weed, Neem, Pomegranate, Indian Gum Arabic Tree which are also all potent antimicrobial agents.

5)- Dabur Neem Toothpaste

Our Rating: 3 Stars (3 / 5)

Dabur Neem ToothpasteThis is a variant of the herbal toothpaste they have. It plays a closer emphasis on fighting bacteria and producing healthy and stronger teeth more naturally.

Because of Neem being a natural antibacterial, it is able to protect teeth against bacteria.

Dabur also consists of Lotur bark which is good for bleeding and spongy gums in particular. This along with the bullet wood ensure a good astringent for promoting strong and healthy gums.

Studies have been done linking the benefits of Indian Lilac, Pomegranate and Babool to the treatments of various dental disorders including bad breath (halitosis).

Happy brushing, get your Neem paste and start rebuilding your teeth health today.


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