Teeth Whitening Trays – Over the Counter Or Dentist

In the world of cosmetics and dentistry Teeth whitening trays are what most people associate with whitening teeth.

This is simply because they seem to be the most flexible way to whiten your teeth. There are both inexpensive and expensive ways to use mouth trays.

Inexpensive Teeth Whitening Trays

The most cost effective way of whitening teeth is by, buying an over the counter product that comes supplied with mouth trays ready for whitening.

There are a number of different products that you you can look ate here.

Expensive Teeth Whitening Trays

For high performance and the most instant effects, getting your teeth professionally whitened is certainly the best way to go. The only down side is the cost, although it can last as long as a year.

One of the popular forms of professional whitening consist teeth whitening trays which are custom. made for the individual. A dentist will actually take a mold of your teeth and they create trays that fit perfectly over your teeth.

The immediate benefits to this is that and whitening or bleaching agent is perfect contained within the tray preventing an spillage, or irritation to the gums.

What ever method you choose to use there are similar steps that you will need to follow when using the mouth trays.

The steps to using a teeth whitening trays are as follows:

(1) – You will first need to heat the mouth trays up using hot water. You can to near boil temperature 160°F (71°C), or as instructed on the packet or doctor. After you have placed the tray into the water, you should take it out and shake off the water.

(2) – The next thing to do once you have warmed the tray is to place it into you mouth and use your fingers, to gently mold the mouth tray around your teeth.

(3) – Once you have successfully molded the tray to your teeth, remove it and apply a small amount of gel to each teeth mold.


When placing gel into you mouth tray you should apply a small amount to each tooth mold, because the solution will liquify once it is placed in your mouth.

If you have crowns, or teeth that covered you can re-frame from putting any gel in the mouth tray that corresponds with the tooth or teeth in question.

(4) – Now place the mouth tray back into you mouth for the allotted time. This may be anywhere form 15 minutes to 30 minutes. You will need to consult your supplier or dentist as times may vary.

(5) – Repeat this process as instructed

NOTE: If you opt for dentist created mouth tray then your tray will be custom made to fit your teeth perfectly, so there is no need for steps (1) & (2).

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Things to consider:

The great great thing about buying teeth trays is that they can be reused, which means you just have to top up on the whitening gel solution.

When choosing a gel you should choose one with a higher concentration of the prescribed whitening agent, as not all gels will have the same potency. 16% strength is the safest and will provide the best results.

A lot of over the counter gels are just as good as what a dentist would supply you.

Remember to clean your mouth trays after each use, this will ensure that you get the longest use possible out of them.

The average price of a teeth whitening kit is around $17-200, where trays you get from a dentist will cost you as much as $400, so it’s clear to see which one is the winner?

You can check out some good teeth whitening tray solutions here.

If you have any doubts about buying teeth whitening products you should consult a dentist. Keep in mind that some people have more sensitive teeth than others.

This may lead to some discomfort after use, but is usually nothing to worry about. According to medical advice you teeth will begin re-mineralization naturally, which will counter effect any sensitivity.

Caution: As with anything excessive use, or use outside the recommended guidelines can lead to complications, such as, excessive teeth sensitivity and gum irritation.

It is highly recommended that you stick to the guidelines, no matter how tempted you are to use more solution than recommended.

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